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Jeremy Lai

Worship Director/Lead

Born and raised in Walnut, CA, Jeremy currently studies at ArtCenter College of Design, where he majors in Industrial Design and hopes to pursue a career in footwear design.


Jeremy began serving at (former) Koinonia House Ministry his freshman year of college on the praise team leading worship with his co-leader Allison Lee. The two led together for 3 years before moving into new positions as Crossbridge Fellowship's Worship Directors. Here at Crossbridge, Jeremy serves as the Worship Director, organizing praise teams every week and leading them as the praise leader. Along with worship, Jeremy serves under the creative team, always looking for new ways that the ministry can grow on a creative level. 

Fun fact: (Keep it a secret) Jeremy runs the Crossbridge Fellowship Instagram page, linked below

You can reach Jeremy below or if you are interested in joining praise, visit our serve page

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