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John Huh

Associate Pastor

Pastor John Huh serves on our team as an associate pastor. Him and his wife Chloe are both humble members of our church, supporting our staff and the members of the church. Originally from (former) Highlands Cornerstone Church, they both now serve at Crossbridge. 

John was a Bruin from the Irvine area and Chloe was an Anteater from the LA area. Yet, somehow their paths crossed in college at Irvine Baptist Church, where they met, they married, and they both entered into the ministry. At Irvine Baptist, the two of them launched a middle school ministry. After several years leading middle schoolers, John eventually transitioned to leading the high school ministry. Over the years, John and Chloe had three kids together (EJ, Elisa, and LJ) and they started serving at Highland Cornerstone Church. About a decade later, Highland Cornerstone Church joined forces with two other churches in becoming CrossBridge Fellowship, where John currently serves as an associate pastor. 


Fun fact: Chloe’s birthday is in August and John’s birthday is in September, while their wedding anniversary is towards the end of September. EJ’s birthday is in October, Elisa’s birthday is in the middle of November, and LJ’s birthday is at the end of November. Needless to say, the end of the year is quite an eventful time for this family. 

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